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Ref NoStrand/05
TitleStrand 5: Campaigning Organisations
DescriptionThe Women's Library Archives Strand 5: Campaigning Organisations, consists of the papers and memorabilia of organisations campaigning to improve women's status. Please see individual catalogues for full details.
There is some cross-over with Strand 2 (suffrage organisations) and Strand 6 (employment organisations). Please check, as archives may be located in any of these Strands, dependant on a decision made at the time of accession. Material is predominantly in English, though other languages (mostly European) are also represented.

This Strand consists of women's campaigning organisations, some linked by common membership or aims, but most linked primarily through an essentially feminist or woman-centred purpose. There is an amazing breadth of material held in this Strand, just a few of the key points are highlighted below:
Many of the archives are those of organisations at a national level, such as the National Federation of Women's Institutes (5FWI) or the Girls' Friendly Society (5GFS) whose local activity is represented by thousands of deposits held in local archives. Many archives are those of organisations that campaigned for women's rights or were concerned with women's status such as Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker (5ODI), the Married Women's Association (5MWA), Rights of Women (5ROW), Women's Forum (5WFM), the National Women Citizens' Association (5NWC) the Six Point Group (5SPG) and the Council of Married Women (5CMW) among many. Some organisations campaigned specifically on political issues such as the 300 Group (5THG). Other organisations are very sector specific such as the British Federation of University Women (5BFW) or subject specific such as the Campaign Against Pornography (5CAP). (Often these had an international or commonwealth dimension - the university graduates being one of several international 'sister' bodies such as the Australian Federation of University Women). Some cluster around very specific issues such as the National Council for One Parent Families (5OPF) and Gingerbread (5GNB). Others have had a very high profile such as the Society for the Ministry of Women in the Church (5SMW) whilst others have been less visible, but have pursued equally important aims such as Maternity Alliance (5MAL). Some are very date specific, representing issues at a certain period, such as in the late 19th century the Committee for Promoting the Higher Education of Women whilst in the late 20th century there is Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (5GCW). Some organisations cover a wide date period and are still active such as the International Council of Women (5ICW) or National Women's Register (5NWR) reflecting the continuing need for activism and the continued story of feminism in the UK.

As at 2008 The Strand comprised the following archives:
5AGO Records of the Anglican Group for the Ordination of Women to the Historic Ministry of the Church (1928-1978)
5AOP Records of Action Opportunities (1976-1985)
5BFW Records of the British Federation of University Women
5BJF Records of The Beijing Forum (UK) (1994-1999)
5BSS Records of the Bristol Survey Support Group (1983-1996)
5BWC Records of the Brighton Women's Centre (1994-1997 )
5BWP Barnet Women's Place (1981-1988)
5BWW Records of the Women for Westminster Bournemouth Branch (1943-1946)
5CAP Records of the Campaign Against Pornography (1985-1997)
5CBE Records of the Central Berkshire Equal Opportunities Group (1976-1978)
5CCL Records of the Commonwealth Countries League (1970-1989)
5CHE Records of the Committee for Promoting the Higher Education of Women (9 Jan 1869-8 Jan 1871)
5CLC Clapham County School (1903-1992)
5CMW Records of the Council of Married Women (1944-1971)
5CWM Records of Community of Women and Men in the Church: Churches Together in Britain & Ireland (1982-1999)
5CWO Consultative Committee of Women's Organisations (1921-1927)
5DMM Dame Margery Corbett Ashby Memorial Fund (1975-1982)
5ERC Records of Essex Road Women's Centre (1970-1975)
5ERI Records of the Equal Rights International Group (1926-1934)
5EXW Exeter Women's Studies Centre (1990-1999)
5FAW Fawcett Society (1926-1993)
5FWI Records of the National Federation of Women's Institutes (1915-2004)
5GCC Greenham Common Collection (1982-1983)
5GCW Records of Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (1982-2002)
5GFS Records of The Girls' Friendly Society (1800 -2001)
5GNB Gingerbread (1970-1999)
5HWA Hackney Women's Aid (1962-c.2000)
5ICW Records of the International Council of Women (1888-1990)
5LAU Records of the London Association of University Women (1916-c.1990)
5LAX Records of the Womens Lacrosse Association (1913-1993)
5LCM Records of the League of Church Militant (1928)
5LFH Records of the London Feminist History Group (1981-1989)
5MGB Records of Miss Great Britain (1945-1982)
5MIA Mothers in Action (1965-1989)
5MWA Records of the Married Women's Association (1943-1988)
5NAW Records of The National Assembly of Women (1963-1981)
5NEL Records of the New Era Club for Ladies (1910-1953)
5NMW Nationality of Married Women Committee ('Pass the Bill') (c. 1870-1949 )
5NWC Records of the National Women Citizens Association (1945-1974)
5NWR Records of the National Women's Register (1960-2001)
5ODC Records of the Open Door Council (1926-1965)
5ODI Records of Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman worker (1929-1974)
5OPF National Council for One Parent Families (1918-1995)
5OWE Records of Older Women's Education Group (1986-1996)
5RCW Records of Catholic Women's Ordination (c.1980-2003)
5ROW Rights of Women (1975-1990)
5SCW Records of the Standing Conference of Women's Organisations (c.1950-2000)
5SJC Records of the Standing Joint Committee of Industrial Women's Organisations and the Maternal Mortality Committee (1917-1941)
5SJG St Joan's International Alliance (German Section) (1952-1981)
5SMW Records of the Society for the Ministry of Women in the Church (1938-1997)
5SPG Six Point Group including Hazel Hunkins-Hallinan Papers (1919-1981)
5SRW Records of See Red Women's Workshop (1974-1984)
5SWC Records of the Status of Women Committee (1969-1982)
5TGH Records of the Townswomen's Guilds: Harrow on the Hill Branch (1931-1999)
5THG Records of the 300 Group (1980-1992)
5WFM Records of the Women's Forum and its Predecessors (1939-1980)
5WIS Women's Information and Study Centre (1960-1988)
5WMA Women's Media Action Group (1977-1990)
5WPC Records of the Women's Press Club (1943-1972)
5WPP Records of the Women's Publicity Planning Association (1939-1957)
5WPV Records of the Women's Provisional Club (1924-1984)
5WSC Papers related to Women and Socialism Conferences (1973)
5WSF Records of the Women's Sports Foundation (1986-2000)
5WUS Records of the Women's University Settlement (later known as the Blackfriars Settlement) (1887-1973)
5WWP Wanstead and Woodford Women for Peace (1981-1997)
SubjectWomens rights
Womens liberation movement
Womens status
Womens organisations
Related MaterialWithin the Women's Library there are close links to
Archive Strands 2: Women's Suffrage Societies,
Strand 6: Women's Employment Organisations and
Strand 7: Personal Papers.
The Women's Library Museum Collection includes objects created by these organisations. The Women's Library Printed Collections holds a range of publications by these organisations, in particular the newsletters and journals - this can include years before and after the archive.
Extent68 archives (almost 2000 boxes)
LevelManagement Group
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